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Intel 486DX2-66
Manufacturer Intel
Model 486
Architecture x86
Codename P24
Core frequency 66 MHz
Targeted market Desktop PCs
Package / Socket CPGA-168 / Socket 1, Socket 2, Socket 3
Physical informations
Package Size 4,45x4,45 cm Manufacturing process 0,8 µm
Die size ??? Transistor count 1200000
Electrical informations
Bus frequency 33 MHz Width 32 bits
Core/Bus ratio 2.0x L1 cache 8 KB
Voltage ??? TDP ???
Other informations
Release date August 10th 1992
Functions/Features None
Sspec Q0609, Q0652, SK058, SK080, SX645, SX731, SX739, SX750, SX759, SX762, SX807, SX911, SX955, SYE04
Part Number 03H4939 (OEM), 5962-9310504QXA (OEM), A80486DX2-66 (OEM), A80486DX266 (OEM), A80P24-66 (ES)
Collectable Variants - Laser Print
- White Print
- With Heatsink
- IBM partnumber (03H4939)
- Military Spec. (5962-9310504QXA)
The cpu for sale
Reference A80486DX2-66
&E5V1X SX911
INTEL (m)(c)'89'92
Status Not tested, but should be working